Electrolytic Zinc Coated Sheets

Electrolytic Zinc Coated Sheets have been developed to fulfill the need for a perfect paint bonding surface that has not been entirely satisfied by galvanized sheets produced by the hot-dip process. The zinc coating is applied by an electro-plating process that leaves a thin, uniform layer of zinc, followed by a phosphate coat bonderizing treatment.

These sheets are produced with a heavy coating, or a flash coating, under a variety of trade names by different steel mills. Examples of the heavier coating are Bethlehem’s Bethzin Gripcote and Republic’s Paintlock. Examples of the flash coating are Bethlehem’s Bethzin Paintfast and Republic’s Flashcote.

Electrolytic Zinc Coated sheets offer good protection against corrosion, and the specially treated surface provides excellent paint adherence without the need for costly cleaning and preparing operations. In addition, they are easily formed by such processes as spinning, deep drawing, and roll forming without danger of peeling or flaking of the zinc coating.

  These sheets are recommended for applications that require painting, enameling, or lacquering, such as vending machines, office furniture, appliances, cabinets, truck and trailer bodies, shower cabinets, etc.

Size & Weight Table:

Cold Rolled Sheet
Gauge Lb/ft²
26 Ga. (.0179″) .75
24 Ga. (.0239″) 1.0
22 Ga. (.0299″) 1.25
20 Ga. (.0359″) 1.50
18 Ga. (.0478″) 2.0
16 Ga. (.0598″) 2.5